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I am a seeker. I am a writer, an NREMT, a movement artist, and an athlete. While finishing my Acting MFA at California Institute of the Arts, my professor commented with a grin, "I always see you running somewhere!"

I presented my plays at the CalArts New Works festivals for three consecutive years. I graduated and went on to participate in a horror film. After harnessing the invigorating energy of running through the desert screaming, I wrote my own feature length horror film, "The Devil's Wife."

My plays have been shown at New works presentations in Pennsylvania, Seattle, and Los Angeles. 

Though my main passion is writing sci-fi novels. 

After discovering a book about synesthesia as a teen, I didn't realize until that very moment that no one else could see sound. Or the myriad of other senses I had worked so hard to not let overwhelm me. The vocal paintings when people spoke were so revealing that I thought maybe it was a taboo subject to speak about someone's vocal colors, and that's why no one was talking about it. That single YA book provided a deep gift, to have the synesthetic experience be recognized. It can be overwhelming to enter a room filled with people, and see the sounds bouncing around the air. Or to be smacked in the face with the orange clouds of laughter that riddle High school hallways. Reading that book on synesthesia provided a big breath of air for the first time. 

This discovery gave me a mission. To carry that ability to breathe into my writing engine. It is a way to express the unseen world and hopefully help others take a big breath of air too. 

I strive to be representation as someone who has dealt with neurodivergence and has not only overcome the challenges of it, but has wielded it into a gift. 

If you have come this far in the bio, I now invite you to dream with me. Every page you see is now a door. Every blank space is the opening to set down words that will create a spell. Take heart in the fact that there are so many others, from thousands of years, who have sat on this planet, and put words in certain orders that can transport us anywhere we wish. Dream with me. Write with me. And I hope we meet each other soon. 

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