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I want to make work that proves the human soul exists, and is worth saving.


            I have found in the real moments of life, when all has been stripped away, the one thing I believe in are those undeniable moments of human energy. Human connection- it reaches down into the depths of ourselves and moves us.

            I believe in these energetic connections. They are undeniable when they wake our souls. They are so strong that when you experience them, you do not have to know why. It just shifts you. It moves you.

            The modern world terrifies me. We have clouded ourselves into a deep fog that we can’t reach each other. I fear we are learning behaviors that could quite possibly put us on a sociopathic spectrum as a means of survival.

            I want to awaken the water droplets of our souls- I want to splash water on people’s hearts, and awaken people. I fear if we do not wake up, more destruction lies ahead.  And once that destruction occurs, we might never be able to come back.

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